FRyDoM- Flexible and Rigid body Dynamic modeling for Marine operations


This research project lead together with the LHEEA, the laboratory of hydrodynamics of Centrale Nantes has been selected by WeAMEC, the West Atlantic Marine Energy Center who gathers and coordinates the actions and the academics of Pays de la Loire for the development of Marine Renewable Energies.

Pioneering and ambitious, this project lies primarly in the development of an innovative and disruptive framework for the simulation of complex dynamic systems for Marine Renewable Energies. Selected for its scientific excellence this projet allows D-ICE to position as a major player for the simulation, planning and design of complex marine operations.

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Arctic offshore operations


Ship operations in ice are a new challenge proposed to the ship industry. The ice forces are indeed very different from the interactions existing in open water.

This harsh environment requires intense research in several area in order to cope with the multiples issues imposed by the ice, the cold and the high latitudes etc.

The current conjecture is not favourable for the development of the technologies for the Arctic but the potential and the attractivity of these areas are huge and will be valued in the near future.

D-ICE will then launch intern studies for addressing these issues and keep at the cutting edge on these subjects.



Supported by the company, our engineers have a strong activity in publishing in conference and journal papers.

The selected publications below demonstrate our recognized expertise.


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